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849 is the first release by harsh noise project, Pupae. The album was originally released on the Mumble Etc. Bandcamp page, but was later moved to that of Barrfparty, a secondary label created for noise projects.

The album consists of loud noises, high pitched frequencies, and heavy distortion. It was mostly made over the course of a short vacation. The notebook computer Mumble was using was difficult to control, so instead of trying to make melodic music, he made noise music, to at least get something done, attempting to break FL Studio. He describes the album as "The musical equivalent of a painter spitting on a canvas while beating it with the blunt end of the brush."

The album was made mostly in Winter Park, Colorado, and marks the beginning of a tradition to create a noise music album for every trip abroad, the next being FUTAFUTA FLYBY!!.

The song "You Took the Wrong Road" uses samples from Jackal Queenston's "The Road".

The song "Shortcut to the Wrong Road" is an amalgam of the songs "You Took the Wrong Road" and "Shortcut".


  1. You Took the Wrong Road
  2. All-American Moustache
  3. Effigy +20, g-t
  4. Shortcut
  5. Maelstrom Fishing
  6. Shamlet
  7. Shortcut to the Wrong Road


*actual rocks