77p shitcom: season 1
77p shitcom season 1
Artist(s) 77p egg
Genre egg, shitcore, spoken word, comedy, sitcom
Released 25 September 2015
Recorded July 2015
Length 12 mins
Label None
Price Name Your Price
Cover artist(s) Poowis
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CD more like coming-soon-to-DVD, rite?

77p shitcom: season 1 is a 7 track album by 77p egg. It was made during a Huge Umbrella meetup. Each track is a different episode of an audio sitcom, starring 77p egg and his wife, eggwife.

Track listing Edit

  1. EPISODE 1: Coal In My Cunt
  2. EPISODE 2: Honey, I'm Home!
  3. EPISODE 3: Serious Damage
  4. EPISODE 4: Dearly Befuckoff
  5. EPISODE 5: Let It Go
  6. EPISODE 6: Contestant #3
  7. EPISODE 7: To Be Continued...