77p egged (cunt)
77p egged
Artist(s) 77p egg
Genre shitcore, egg
Released 01 November 2015
Recorded Oct - Nov 2015
Length 12 mins
Label Unknown
Price Name your price
Cover artist(s) Poowis
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CD Unknown

77p egged (cunt) is a 21-track Halloween album by 77p egg. It was mostly made during the night of Halloween 2015, and released on the morning of 01 November 2015. The photograph used in the album artwork was taken on the same night.

Track listing Edit

  1. pretty (spooky)
  2. My Little Horseman
  3. 77p makes you get down
  4. DOOT
  5. grinding stones together in my cunt in ponyville
  6. 77p eggs back
  7. literally screaming internally and externally
  8. drum and bass mate
  9. MIDI (77p) (spooky version)
  11. po pdesity of rave reviews
  12. crazy farty cunt
  13. got my dick stuck in a piano on halloween (it hurt)
  14. i once shat in my cornflakes (it wasn't good)
  15. spooky scary eggintons
  16. spooky scary eggintons IMPROVED
  17. 77p trick
  18. mysterious noise (77p)
  19. Spooky Hardcore Skelibobs
  20. jumpsquare