200,000,000,000% COOLER

Obi-Wan Finale - The Loop


200,000,000,000% COOLER (Two-hundred-billion percent cooler) is the third release by Pupae and one of two My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic related releases made by Pupae. The album features guest appearances by Doofcake's alias FESTKAKA, ZTATIK, and Mumble's Huge Umbrella bandmate JackTHerbert. It is described as "Maybe the most unlistenable pony album to date".

Mumble submitted the album to Equestria Daily (a My Little Pony fan-news site) mostly as a joke, since the likelihood of EQD posting a harsh noise album full of pony-sex song titles is extremely low. He made sure to request, however, that the album was credited as Pupae if posted, not General Mumble, as to not soil Mumble's reputation. The album, however, surprisingly was posted to EQD, credited as General Mumble.

For fuck's sake, EQD.

Track listing

  1. The Plot Thickens...
  2. L-O-U-D
  3. Equestria Girls (give 'em what's for dinner) (feat. FESTKAKA)
  4. 4RT x DRS (feat. JackTHerbert)
  5. Pink as it Gets
  6. Enchantress Piss
  7. Ballgag the Ghostie
  8. Liquid Pride Facial (feat. ZTATIK)
  9. Fin(gere)d a Pet
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