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is a 14-track remix album, and the third full-length release by . It is the second self-titled album by ◻, the first being Missing Character. The album features mostly VIP (Variation In Production, by the same artist as the original song) remixes of tracks from the albums "Missing Character" and "Auria; Fade of Dusk", but also includes a handful of tracks that needed a home.


The album was made to experiment with an alternative approach to remixing, incorporating field recordings, mashups, reversing of entire tracks, songs sped up to last only a fraction of the original time, among other methods.

Instead of typical naming convention for VIP remixes, such as "Song (VIP remix)", the tracks are all given new titles which reference the song from a different angle. The naming convention of tracks and alternative approach to remixing was inspired by The Mars Volta's live album "Scabdates", and album which doesn't simply span a single live performance, but a selection of performances over the course of a year, mixed together with field recordings made during touring.

Artwork & CD

The album was given a limited edition run of CDs, and is the first album under the Mumble Etc. label to be released on CD at the same time as being released digitally. The CD art features black symbols and text on a mostly-whitespace background. Instead of using the digital album art on the cover of the CD, the CD art was designed first, and a copy was scanned into the computer to become the digital album art. Top-tier contributors to the Mumble Etc. Patreon were given copies of the CD with the symbols and text in a colour of their choosing.

The album was also the first CD to be released via Bandcamp, rather than Createspace or Storenvy, to test the waters of Bandcamp's merch system, being a relatively small run of CDs.

Track listing

# Title Original song Original album