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Missing Character (stylised as ◻), is the seventh alias under the Mumble Etc. label. No physical or visual attributes apply to this alias. The idea behind the character is that it does not exist, yet paradoxically produces audio through means of glitches in the universe. The music produced under this alias is widely experimental, with unexpected switch-ups in key, timing, tempo, and texture, with glitches and "broken" aesthetics, and other generally inaccessible qualities.


The name Missing Character references the fact that no character is assigned to the alias. Coupled with the stylised name, ◻, it also references the Unicode character that will be displayed on a computer in place of a character that cannot be displayed (or is "missing") for whatever reason.




Remix albums

Other appearances

  • Floor 2, Room 15 - Finances, "Mumble Bundle 2k13" (2013)
  • My Body Is Getting Eaten By Kate Bush, Swaffelcore Records' "24 Hours of Pain" (2015)
  • Old Man, Swaffelcore Records' "24 Hours of Pain - Old into New
  • Circle, The (with General Mumble), "PWR ON. 2k15 (2015)
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