Obi-Wan Finale - The Loop


ʝennifur (previously jenny тнє monster) is a guest vocalist that has been featured on several tracks across the Mumble Etc. label, and several Huge Umbrella works. They are a desert-dwelling doge that enjoys howling at the moon sometimes.


Song Album Role Year
Happy Birthday You Stupid Moth Butt Mumble Bundle 2k13 Vocals 2013
hTrib-Flow 100% Some Modern Talking Vocals 2013
Wasting My Time Synesthesia Vocals, lyrics 2014
Voecus Coeruleus Synesthesia Vocals 2014
Various tracks Rum & Ass Arena Presents: Huge Umbrella Vocals, lyrics, composition, presenting 2014
Various tracks The Shower Album 2014 Vocals, lyrics, production, composition, 2015
Various tracks FUK: Ass Culture Vocals, lyrics, composition, presenting 2015
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